Monday, July 26, 2010

Blue on Blue - LOFT Jacquard Skirt

Wanted to show this skirt a while ago. But haven't got chance to do any post recently. I have been trying to settle the work and life for weeks, working for the deadlines during the weekdays and being the tour guide, shopping guide,.. for visiting friends, friends' friends, during the weekends. Oh well, easily, the blog was put on the back burner.
Many of you probably already saw this skirt from Alterations Needed. Navy blue is always one of "my color". I specially like the very unique quilted pattern with the shimmery finish. The elastic waistband also makes it a cute look with the classic tone. I ordered it online for sz 00 since petite size is too short for me from the store. I wasn't quite sure if it was long enough for work. But I did get so many compliments from my colleagues.

The shine is soft even under the sun.

The  little balloon style at the front differentiate it from the regular pencil, or A-line.

Is it short for work?
Outfit Details:
Top: Ann Taylor
Skirt: Loft
Shoes: Michael Kors
Bracelet: NY.&Co.


  1. I have been curious about trying their regular xxs for a while now. Loft and AT's petite xxs in skirts and dresses are typically very short on me. I don't know about your measurement, but I assume you're also petite? I'm surprised that the skirt still in regular still looks a little too short on you.

  2. HI Sydney, I'm 5'4''. Probably barely petite for my hight. My waistline is small, I don't know the exact measurement. Usually, I fit in petite 00 for it. It's always a little loose with regular xxs or 00 even with this skirt. BUt I guess I'm used to it. :)The skirt looks short probably because it's mini skirt style.

  3. I finally tried this on in pink, and the waist is loose on me too. And I think it looks better in person... in pictures, it still comes off too shiny & plastic-looking.

  4. Your legs are so freakin long...I tried on the 00P and looked pretty frumpy in this skirt. I agree the length is a little short for work, but that all does depend on what your workplace environment is like. It's definitely not so short that it's inappropriate, and if you got compliments from coworkers then it's probably more than fine : ) I know Vicky can wear shorts to work!

    You should get into the habit of posting where all of the items in your outfit is from so us readers can be informed : ) I'm quite interested in that pretty blue blouse!

  5. PetiteXXS, even if the shining part jusy doesn't bother me much, I still agree with you that it looks better in real. The pink one is pretty on you. I wish I could have the same length as you wear it.
    PAG, yes. I know. I add a few inches there from the petite size. :) We have casual dress code for work. But I try to keep myself within a business casual scope. BTW, Thanks for reminding me the outfit information. I did it in such a rush. I edit the post. The blouse is from AT factory store. I got it when it's on sale for $12.99 I think.

  6. naw I don't think the outfit is short for work. If you think it's short then maybe wear some tights with it? But I think it looks great, and the blue looks really good with your skin color! :D

  7. Such a beautiful skirt, too bad we don't have a LOFT store in Canada!

  8. My stupid conference threw everything off and I just got a chance to view this post. I actually saw this outfit in person. I have to attest that it looked gorgeous on you!!! The skirt is NOT too short, and it looks much better than the picture. I really really like the blouse. The blouse was actually the piece that caught my eyes first. Then the mini. Hehe... You are looking hot!

  9. Pop Champagne, first of all, I really like your name. :)It will definitely feel more comfortable with tights. Just not now, uh, with almost 90F outside. :)
    20 York Street, Loft indeed is a good store for petite. maybe you can try order on-line?
    Vicky, Thanks. I can keep wearing it to work later from your words here. :) I posted with half of my eyes closed, so I totally forgot to mention the blouse. :) You knew where I got it. I wish I did a close shot for the blouse.